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2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = Real - Time Shop Floor Control

Two companies, Two principals, Two weeks and Two reports

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Two companies, Two principals, Two weeks and Two reports

In the last two weeks I have interviewed two principals in two different companies. Two daily reports were common in both companies.

  • How many units did I produce today, how many units are in-process?
  • What was my exact payroll for the day

How can Real-Time Shop floor control help these companies

and is it worth it to have the information?

Why is the question of how many units produced so important? We are all driven by deadlines. What is so important to know the daily unit count? People without shop floor control will perform a manual count of bundles/units, then, if unsure will count again. The challenge with no system or a batch shop floor

system is that you can't track your production quantities until the end of the day when it may be too late to take corrective action. This could create a significant and costly chain of events.

With real-time shop floor control you can understand your production quantities at any given moment from the beginning of the shift through the close of the day. What does that mean? It means that you can plan proactively taking immediate action, be more agile, reassign your staff as the critical data comes available. What is it worth to you to not have any production surprises at the end of the day? How would it affect your bottom line?

A WIFI tablet is placed at each location when using real-time shop floor control. You’ll capture all activity of each operator, the exact unit/bundle that is being worked on, operator efficiency and any off-standard activities in Real-Time.

Exact Payroll?

The second daily report that the principals asked for was a summary payroll report.

You have determined a burden or overhead to each unit produced. If you add minutes per operator, hours, a day or week to complete your order, have you blown your expected profit for this order? Do you really have control over the anticipated payroll for each order?

If you pay hourly or batch, how can you control:

  • Idle time
  • Break Creep
  • Late start
  • Early Departure

Real-Time systems empower the employee by visually engaging them with their production statistics every second of the day. We know statistically, that it will improve efficiency 8% - 10%.

With a tablet at every location the employee’s work is captured and calculated for earnings which is subject to period end adjustments. You will know and understand your payroll position for each employee, line, plant, and enterprise. No more waiting, no more miss-calculations, no more discrepancies.

I only spoke about two reports. Tell me below, what are your top two reports?

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