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5 Reasons You Need IIOT Technology In Your Factory Today

Monitor any machine, from any location on any connected device

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Collect. Analyze. Share. Improve

In the sewn products industry, there hasn’t been a simple, common method or process to monitor all machines on one platform until now, regardless of machine type or age. Often, we can get your factory fully connected anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Research conducted by IDC recently found that 66 percent of early IIoT adopters say it is now a critical advantage for their business to access their untapped data. Every department has a specific need for an implemented IIoT connected factory. For example, collected business intelligence can improve processes and factory asset management.

Machine Monitoring by FreePoint Technologies, Inc.

Identify huge gaps on your factory floor and manufacturing process with real-time visibility.

Live data showing the activity from a CNC machine during the day.

What are the 5 reasons you need IIOT Technology in your factory today?

  1. Real-time machine monitoring allows you to tap into your factory from any device, anywhere. By connecting all the machines on your plant floor to one simple dashboard, everyone can quickly see the pulse of the plant with easy-to-understand color coded graphs and stats.
  2. Downtime tracking provides insight into machine health and helps operators and maintenance crews diagnose issues, prevent machines from breaking down, and mitigate any downtime even before emerging problems occur.
  3. Machine tracking sensors feed KPIs (key performance indicators) related to OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) to remote monitoring applications that are securely accessed by all employees for greater troubleshooting capabilities.
  4. Understand machine performance issues by retrieving operational data earlier in the process so mistakes to be identified and handled quickly and more efficiently than they would have been in the past—saving both time and money.
  5. Connect the backbone of your factory with new technology. Connecting legacy machines to monitoring software gives you better insight into how older equipment is performing and allows older machines to work in conjunction with your newer ones.

Below is a dashboard that can be displayed on a television in the plant, office or any connected device.

Are you ready to boost productivity? IIoT can’t be overlooked. Industry 4.0 is introducing massive improvements to manufacturing processes. Now is the time to prepare for these changes by investing in the right IIoT system. Unleash the advantages of big data for your organization!
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