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Is Your Company Part of the 3%?

Finally, An ROI Savings Calculator Developed for Shop-Floor Control

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Is Your Company Part of the 3%?

Many manufacturing executives view advanced digital transformation technologies as a critical path to competitiveness—especially predictive analytics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and “smart” products and factories built on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (“Industry 4.0”) ¹. As of 2015, a full third of industry executives already rated their company as “advanced” in factory digital transformation, and nearly 70 percent of them expect to be at that level by 2020²

Despite this enthusiastic adoption of IIoT-equipped factory equipment, however, only 3 percent³ of U.S. manufacturers are fully utilizing the invaluable operational data they collect—data that holds the secret to improving output yields and quality, predicting and avoiding plant-stopping failures, managing costs and resource usage, and optimizing production lines in real time. ⁴

ROI Savings Calculator Developed


Shop Floor Control

At TexTempo, we help apparel and sewn products companies accelerate their success through digital transformation of their manufacturing processes.

Through process optimization and transparency, we assist companies to achieve world class efficiency through real time collection and analysis of factory floor data. Our solutions give management immediate insight allowing them to shift strategies and processes rapidly while seizing opportunities and avoiding problems.

Why Should I Care About Real Time Shop Floor Control Data?

Undeniable tangible, quantitative benefits

  • Operator Performance
  • Reducing Excess Labor
  • Reduce Payroll Errors/Shrinkage
  • Reduce Administrative Costs
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Cost of Labor Compliance
  • Minimize Inventory

Intangible, qualitative benefits

  • Instant Visibility
  • Speed to Market/Faster Delivery
  • Improved Cost Estimates with Access to Real – Time Data
  • Line Balancing
  • Buying Only Equipment You Need
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Reduce Absenteeism

  • Transparency to Customer with Order Location/Delivery

The TexTempo ROI Savings Calculator

Several companies have asked us to develop an ROI Savings Calculator so they can quickly determine their savings by improving their efficiency. Now that the savings calculator has been developed, we decided to share it with you. Click here

If you would like to have the descriptions and formulas of each data input within the ROI Savings Calculator, please email me.

Who Can Benefit From the ROI Savings Calculator?

If you are an Apparel, Upholstered Furniture, Automotive Seating/Interiors, Marine and Bedding/Mattress company and have a need to improve efficiency and throughput use the ROI savings calculator and see if it makes sense, especially if you currently pay hourly or use a batch system.

What Operations Can Be Measured Using Real Time Shop Floor Control?

Any operation that needs to be measured can be on Real Time Shop Floor Control, specifically sewing operators, manual or automated spreaders, manual or automated cutters, screen printers, embroiderers, finishing, etc. Every operation needs to be measured and should be on Real Time Shop – Floor Control, otherwise, how can it improve? Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it”.

What If My Calculations Are Different From The ROI Savings Calculator?

If your calculations don’t equal our ROI Savings Calculator you may be using different equations. Let’s talk and see what the differences are. There are many ways to achieve the same goal.

Why Would I Want To Use The ROI Savings Calculator?

By using our savings calculator, you can get a realistic, quick view of your current situation by putting in your current data. Then, determine your expected efficiency gains and view what your anticipated weekly and annual savings will be using Real Time Shop Floor Control.

How Do I Use the Information Gathered from The ROI Savings Calculator?

  1. Email the calculated results to yourself from our website for future use
  2. Invite us to your company to do a deeper dive audit of your current processes
  3. Let’s start a project together by developing and gathering your requirements

Be A Part of the Trend that Uses Invaluable Data

Be the company that adopts the Industrial Internet of Things, IIOT, and utilize the vital data that is collected, improve your output and quality, manage costs, optimize production. “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”, W. Edwards Deming. It is what you do with the data that creates change and makes a difference. Gather the data, and do something with it. Be the force of change within your company.

To find out more about how your organization can best embrace Real Time Shop Floor Control for maximum impact, please email or call 770-880-9610 for a free analysis.

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