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Material Requirements Torment?

What if you could accurately price your BOM and BOL in the same solution?

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Byte’s Raw Materials Inventory Control and Real-Time Shop Floor Control

FIRST, admit it, your raw material inventory is completely out of control!

You can’t get a grip on your current inventory levels because items are incorrectly located, obsolete, overstocked, and under-stocked. You’re terrified to release any production orders and you question whether your BOM’s are priced accurately?

SECOND, you pay hourly and don’t have a good grasp on your “Bill of Labor” (BOL).

Three real-life problems that typical manufacturers encounter

1. Embarrassing Customer Satisfaction?
Our company purchased insufficient quantities of an item used in manufacturing. We’ll be unable to meet contract obligations. Because of this, our customer approval ratings have tanked.

2. Low Profitability & Performance?
Inventory that is full of unusable materials. We purchased too much of some items, or the wrong colors, and the wrong sizes. We may never use any of it. In addition to the missed orders our money is tied up in the wrong materials, I wonder how much we'll lose when we have to liquidate all the unused materials.

3. Missed Deliveries?
We began production of an order at the wrong time. We’ll never be able to meet our customer deadlines!

Byte’s Raw Material Inventory Control

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) or Byte’s Raw Material Inventory Control is a materials planning, scheduling, and inventory control system used to manage your supply chain processes.

Three major components of Byte’s Raw Material Inventory Control

1. Production Cut Order Planning

  • Eliminate over and under production waste using lean production practices
  • Lower costs and reduce time conflicts by optimizing manufacturing production runs (Equipment downtime's reduced by 14%)²
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving reliable delivery dates based on actual availability of resources (Timely delivery increased by 17%)²

2. Bill of Materials, BOM's (Product Structure Records)

  • By Style/Color/size, or plant with auto-substitution for size, color and plant
  • Define the materials, components or process of each product
  • Nest unlimited build levels and unlimited number of components
  • One BOM rather than many variations to create and maintain(Style/Color/Size)

3. Accurate, up-to-the-minute, inventory management

  • Know what you have in-house, up-to-the-minute — from ASN(Advance Shipping Notification) to receipt to work-in-process to shipment
  • Keep an automatic, high-resolution “paper trail” of all your transactions and activities
  • Real-time accuracy through fully integrated barcode printing and scanning or 100% Item-Level RFID tagging¹ (RFID provided by Freedom RFID (inventory reduced by 14% on average) ²

Byte’s Raw Material Inventory Control + Labor Cost = Accurate Cost

Combining Raw Material Inventory Control with Byte’s Real-Time Shop Floor Control you can accurately calculate your material cost and labor cost for complete true cost.

You’ll also have the data to calculate your manufacturing capacity giving your management immediate insight allowing them to confidently plan orders aligning them with your production schedules, minimizing costs and inventory positions while increasing the accuracy of delivery commitments to your customers.

Let’s start a project together today!

Call or email us now for a conversation on how you and your company can improve customer satisfaction, improve plant performance, productivity, and profitability.

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