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Shop Floor Controls

A case for digital transformation of your factory

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Analog is So Yesterday!

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to utilize modern technology for the digital transformation of your factory floor. Digitization is quickly becoming the norm for manufacturing operations in many different industries.

To illustrate our point, let’s take a survey. I want you to rate your Shop Floor as if it were a mobile phone. You have three choices:

1. Motorola or Brick phone

2. Flip phone

3. Smart phone

We are now in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0.

However, if you walked through the factories of several sewn products manufacturers - apparel, furniture, etc. you’d soon find yourself in “World War 2 era type manufacturing” as Ed Dominguez said in his past blog. I also agree that several manufactures in the sewn products industry straddle the fence of Industry 2.0 and 3.0.

If you said that your shop floor was a flip or brick phone, then you probably can’t gather shop floor data in real time and are currently running an analog shop floor. Reports are done manually and gathered for the next day at best. In other words, you have historical data, not real-time. Do you really want to find out that you had several issues on the shop floor the previous day...but now it’s too late to react?

In today’s environment, data should be pushed to you. Think about your phone and the number of alerts you receive daily from banking, fitness, diet related. Dashboards are everywhere in our daily lives providing us information so we can make better decisions. Shouldn't you have a dashboard for your production floor, so that you can see payroll, orders shipped, SAMs, excess labor, and much more?

Instant access to critical business information is becoming the new standard.

Imagine using your phone, laptop or iPad, anywhere in the world that has internet access, to review your company's KPI’s that are important to you on your real-time dashboard.

What are your KPI’s?

  1. Orders completed, shipped?
  2. Quality issues?
  3. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by plant?
  4. Labor optimization or efficiency by plant?
  5. Supervisor performance?

How much of your valuable time is spent making calls or writing emails to track down the manager or supervisor to get these reports? Real time access to critical factory floor data is a paradigm shift. Today, you have the tools available to react instantly to business challenges, helping you reduce costs, increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.....all of which can lead to higher profits!!

Don’t wait! Not implementing a Real-Time solution is like using a brick phone while your competitors are using an iPhone 10 - it’s costing your company every day. You already have a smart phone, why not see your company dashboard on it today?

Make better financial decisions by having Real-Time Shop Floor Controls..... it’s the new standard.

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