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  • What We Do

    We help apparel and sewn products companies accelerate their success through digital transformation of their manufacturing processes.


    Shop Floor Control - Process Optimization and Transparency

    We assist companies to achieve world class efficiency through real time collection and analysis of factory floor data.


    Our solutions give management immediate insight allowing them to shift strategies and processes rapidly while seizing opportunities and avoiding problems.

    Shop Floor Control Benefits

    Tangible/Quantitative Benefits

    Up to 100% Improvement depending on current technology and efficiency


    1) Operator Performance (5-20%) PRODUCTIVITY

    • Pacing
    • Instant performance feedback
    2) Reduce Excess labor (10-30%) PRODUCTIVITY
    • Clock in/out
    • Break/lunch/meeting time creep
    • Peel/Stick process or manual recording of work processed
    • Reduced waiting time on supervisor/mechanic


    3) Payroll Errors/Shrinkage (1-4% REDUCED COST)

    • Eliminate human error on payroll processing
    • Employee time shrinkage/trading coupons

    4) Reduced Administration Costs (2-5%)

    • Removal of time clocks, paper tickets, manual recording

    5) Improve Quality


    6) Reduced Cost of Labor Compliance

    7) Minimize Inventory

    Intangible/Qualitative Benefits


    1) Instant Visibility REDUCED COST/SELL MORE

    • Rapidly shift strategies and processes based on live data
    • Seize opportunities (factory capacity) and avoid problems (bottlenecks)

    2) Speed to Market/Faster Delivery CUSTOMER SATISFACTION


    3) Improved cost estimates with access to real time data


    4) Line balance


    5) Buy only equipment you need as you know true capacity


    6) Employee empowerment and improved morale


    7) Reduced absenteeism costs – lower absenteeism, quickly adjust to absent employees


    8) Transparency to customer understanding order location/delivery information

  • TexTempo and Byte 2018 Kick-Off Special

    Trade-in Any Legacy Batch or Real-Time System

    Statistical Quality Control

    An integral part of Six Sigma Practices

    Byte’s Android™ tablet based Quality Control App

    Byte Real-Time Shop Floor Control

    Watch and See How All the Apps Work

    Production, Supervisor, Mechanic and Quality Apps

    Control de Piso de Producción en Tiempo-Real de Byte

    Vea y Observe Cómo Todas las Aplicaciones Funcionan​

    Aplicaciones de Producción, Supervisor, Mecánico y Calidad

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    Gene Denny-Lybbert

    Senior Vice President

    Strategic Account Manager with extensive experience in customer-centric selling into retailers, brands, and manufacturers. Expertise in assisting medium and large companies in identifying and developing projects that can be implemented with the desired results; on-time and on-budget. A strong work ethic combined with a commitment to excellence in all projects.

    Greg Hathcox

    Senior Vice President

    25+ years growing revenue and developing VP and C level relationships at key accounts for international companies. Extensive knowledge in a variety of markets including: textiles, composites, leather, wind energy and assorted flexible materials. In-depth experience and high level relationships developed with global automotive seating/interiors, airbag and wind energy sectors.

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